5 Great Font Pairs

5 Great Font Pairs

My favorite Go To Font Pairs

5 Great Font Pairs

Every designer has their favorite fonts... more than likely they have 100s of favorite fonts. Designers tend to be major fontaholics.

For me fonts are amazing little creatures I can’t get enough of. I search. I hoard. I covent. You can never have too many fonts. When design a new company logo I go wild looking for new fonts that would be perfect for my client's brand. Sooooo, you get the picture, I'm a font junkie.

Mixing and pairing has become a favorite of mine and is just one more way I can uniquely brand my clients.

Fonts that pair well together include both a serif and san serif font. They have a contrast that almost always is visually appealing. That's the key the contrast. The fonts need to be different but compliment or work well together. So contrast is a must but they can't conflict with one another.

What to look for when pairing fonts:

  • Remain crisp and easy to scan when paired
  • Both have a personality and that work well together
  • Bold meets calm neutral, classic pairing
  • When combined create a clear hierarchy
  • Create a distinctive look when paired
5 Great Font Pairs

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