Understanding Color and Branding

Color Meanings Color Matters Brands and color are visually linked due to the fact that color offers a quick way for conveying a wordless message. Red: Strength, love, passion energy, heat Pink: Happy, sweet, playful, healthy, compassion Purple: Wealth, royalty, luxury, spirituality Blue: Trust, peace,loyalty, tranquility, integrity Turquoise: Spirituality, healing, protection Green: Fresh, environmental, organic, positive, money Yellow: Energetic, bright, warm,

5 Great Font Pairs

My favorite Go To Font Pairs 5 Great Font Pairs Every designer has their favorite fonts… more than likely they have 100s of favorite fonts. Designers tend to be major fontaholics. For me fonts are amazing little creatures I can’t get enough of. I search. I hoard. I covent. You can never have too many fonts. When

The Importance of Having a Business Website

Here are just a few reasons to invest in a well designed Business Website: – Online Presence: Millions search for services, products, and information online everyday. Having a well thought out, visually appealing website gives an advantage over the competitor. – Always Available: Your message and company information is available online 24/7 making it easy for


Branding & Color, Pastels

Pastels are colors defined with words such as pale, soft, or washed-out. These colors tend to be darker than whites and lighter than light colors. Pastel colors are associate with spring time and Easter. Lavender, light yellow, baby pink, baby blue, a soft green, peach, apricot, salmon pink all fit perfectly in the pastel family. Is

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page

1.  Know your medium. There are 2 kinds of FB pages: a Personal Timeline and a Facebook Page. They may look similar, they serve entirely different functions. A Personal Timeline is for individuals and non-commercial use. A Facebook Pages is a way for a businesses, brands, and nonprofits reach their audience. A Facebook Page also offers unique tools for connecting people to a topic or cause they care