Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page

1.  Know your medium. There are 2 kinds of FB pages: a Personal Timeline and a Facebook Page. They may look similar, they serve entirely different functions. A Personal Timeline is for individuals and non-commercial use. A Facebook Pages is a way for a businesses, brands, and nonprofits reach their audience. A Facebook Page also offers unique tools for connecting people to a topic or cause they care about. Another important distinction – is that people can “Like” your Facebook Page. They cannot “Like” a Personal Timeline.

2.  Your Facebook Page reflects your brand, so it’s good idea to hire a professional to design your Banner and bring out the functionality of all the Tab tools available to you. A well designed Banner can encourage the viewer learn more about your company. Most importantly, you want your FB to be a unique image that represents you and and your business.

3.  Speaking of Tabs, it’s important to know how to design and use them. Tabs allow you to go deeper into your brand and highlight information that is important. Tabs are a wonderful way to embed lots of information about who you are into your FB Page without overwhelming your audience.

4.  Many don’t realize you can link your Banner, Photos, and all your Tab pages directly to your website. This interactive tool helps drive traffic and ignites curiosity about the work you are doing.

5.  Before you dive into creating your FB Page, create a marketing plan that outlines what you want to post, how often you want to post, and what you need to do to make your posts engaging and interactive. Make sure your posts include calls to action. Ask questions of your audience and if relevant, offer contests or time sensitive discounts. Most importantly, be sure to post on a regular basis.

Facebook is s a great way to step up your marketing campaign. If you don’t feel you have what it takes to support your FB Page, hire a professional to manage your page for you. The return on investment will more than pay for itself.

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