How Important is Your Logo?

Just how important is your company logo? How much time should you spend on creating your brand? How much money should you spend? How important is selecting the right design firm? These are just a few questions that should be considered when a new company logo needed.
How important is your company logo? A company’s logo could be one of the most important decisions a business can make. It can help establish a company or it can move it into oblivion. If a logo does not reach a target market it’s not doing its job.

“Well, logos is science or reason, something that helps us to function practically and effectively in the world, and it must therefore be closely in tune and reflect accurately the realities of the world around us.” —Karen Armstrong

How much time should be spent creating a company logo? A business should never pass a logo project to a design firm and wait for their presentation. Creating a company logo is a team effort. A strong, memorable, and creative logo takes time and can’t be designed in 24 hours. It requires research, development, and rounds of finessing.
How much money should you spend on your company logo? There should definitely be a budget set aside for your company logo. You should spend more on your logo than you do on your office furniture. This is your company’s future! Do you really want to trust someone who’s going to only charge you $200?
How important is selecting the right design firm to create your company logo? Having a design firm that understands you, your company, its goals, values, and market is extremely important. They are building the foundation for your company brand and identity. It’s best to make sure they understand and believe in your company and its product.
Questions? Main Street is here to help answer any question you might have on creating the perfect logo for your business. We can create a company logo that you can be proud of and resonates with your target market.
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