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Branding Color Meanings

Branding Color Meanings

Color Matters

Brands and color are visually linked due to the fact that color offers a quick way for conveying a wordless message.

  • Red: Strength, love, passion energy, heat
  • Pink: Happy, sweet, playful, healthy, compassion
  • Purple: Wealth, royalty, luxury, spirituality
  • Blue: Trust, peace,loyalty, tranquility, integrity
  • Turquoise: Spirituality, healing, protection
  • Green: Fresh, environmental, organic, positive, money
  • Yellow: Energetic, bright, warm, happy, positive
  • Tan: Historic, experienced, crisp, conservative
  • Orange: Playful, confident, courageous, successful
  • Brown: Conservative, earthy, friendly, outdoors
  • Gray: Reliable, security, solid, intelligence
  • Gold: Prosperity, wealth, value, wisdom, tradition
  • White: Purity, clean, fresh, goo, easy
  • Black: Timeless, bold, formal, dramatic, elegance

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