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Brand Colors

How Important is Your Logo?

Just how important is your company logo? How much time should you spend on creating your brand? How much money should you spend? How important is selecting the right design firm? These are just

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Discovering Your Brand

A consistent brand identity is the most reliable way to establish credibility and stand apart from your competition. Your brand identity includes your logo, website, social profiles, and print collateral related to your business.

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Branding and Color: Pastels

Pastels are colors defined with words such as pale, soft, or washed-out. These colors tend to be darker than whites and lighter than light colors. Pastel colors are associated with springtime and Easter. Lavender, light yellow,

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Brand Tips

Be Different, Be Unique Set yourself apart from competitors. Your company graphics’ and message should clearly reflect your mission and philosophy to your target audience. Embrace being different. Target Your Audience Your brand can

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Brand Color Meanings

Color Matters Brands and color are visually linked due to the fact that color offers a quick way for conveying a wordless message. Red: Strength, love, passion energy, heat Pink: Happy, sweet, playful, healthy, compassionate Purple: Wealth, royalty, luxury, spirituality

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