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What Makes Books: Written for Children

A personal favorite as it is the first book I've ever attempted to write. What makes Books project included book interior design, cover design, brand development, print collateral, social media marketing, press releases, and so much more. Currently I'm now working on the second print run for What Makes a Hamburger as well as working to complete What Makes a Cupcake and What Makes a PB&J. What ...

Branding and Color: Pastels

Branding and Color: Pastels Pastels are colors defined with words such as pale, soft, or washed-out. These colors tend to be darker than whites and lighter than light colors. Pastel colors are associate with spring time and Easter. Lavender, light yellow, baby pink, baby blue, a soft green, peach, apricot, salmon pink all fit perfectly in the pastel family. Contact Main Street today to see how ...