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What Makes Books: Written for Children

A personal favorite as it is the first book I’ve ever attempted to write. What makes Books project included book interior design, cover design, brand development, print collateral, social media marketing, press releases, and so much more.

Currently I’m now working on the second print run for What Makes a Hamburger as well as working to complete What Makes a Cupcake and What Makes a PB&J. What Makes a Fireman has finally been started, to the complete happiness of my son, Dylan.

The What Makes Books series explore how a everyday item are made. What Makes a Hamburger is the first in the series of fun educational books. Each book includes four pages of activities.


5.0 out of 5 starsThe Key to A Dad’s Tummy…

What can I say? The key to a dad’s tummy is a nice juicy hamburger. Yes, a burger is a dad’s best friend! For this dad, this one’s a classic.

What Makes a Hamburger? is a delightful and entertaining read-aloud to share with foodies of all ages!

Phillis Stacy-Brooks will certainly whet your appetites with her yummy photos, playful graphics, and choice rhyming words. After the burger is built and eaten, there are some fun interactive activities you can do with your little one. My four-year-old son and I were pleasantly surprised to see a coloring page and word search at the end of the book. For the cooks, there’s even a barbeque hamburger recipe. For educators and parents, this book seems to naturally inspire and lead to your little ones making their own What Makes a ____________? books. In fact, I believe the author has a couple of more What Makes Books lined up, coming out soon. Did anyone say cupcakes?

— By TimeOutDad


4.0 out of 5 stars
Little Book Monster Review: What Makes A Hamburger by Phillis Stacy-Brooks

A terrific, fun read just in time for summer!
What Makes a Hamburger by Phillis Stacy-Brooks is a delightful book to read with your little ones.
Wonderful, bold pictures that bring this fun book to life and will have children asking questions.
This book is an excellent vocabulary builder, great for teachers and parents.

My two year old enjoyed pointing out all the ingredients he knew.
He asked great questions, and I was able to answer them and use the book as a refrence.
I can’t wait to see the next book by Phillis Stacy-Brooks!

By Dana Alma


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