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Discovering Your Brand

Discovering Your Brand

Discovering Your Brand

A consistent brand identity is the most reliable way to establish credibility and stand apart from your competition. Your brand identity includes your logo, website, social profiles, and print collateral related to your business. Creating a cohesive look across all these platforms builds trust and allows your customers to recognize your brand.

It’s essential to create a brand that communicates who you are, what you’re about and resonates with your target audience. These four elements are crucial when building your brand.


Typography plays a vital role in your brand identity. When describing your brand, what words come to mind, bold, modern, traditional, fun? Thoughtfully select a couple of fonts that communicate your brand effectively. Only use those fonts chosen for all of your collateral - website, mailers, etc. Be sure to consider fonts that work online.


Colors communicate feelings without using words. Colors are compelling and are essential when establishing your brand. Consider colors that convey your brand’s message, product, or service. Bright, bold colors might be better communicating your business’ message, oppose to delicate pastels depending on who you are and what you do.

Discovering Your Brand
Discovering Your Brand


The photography you select sets the tone for your website, social profiles, and print collateral and effortlessly communicates your style. Where to begin? Finding or taking consistent quality photos will increase your brand’s image. But it’s not an easy task. Fortunately, there are several stock photo sites on the net with beautiful quality photography. Be selective and brand conscious.


Last, be not least the voice you use to send out your message should match your brand’s style. Is your brand casual and friendly or authoritative? It’s always best to stay true to who you are and write like you’re talking to a good friend. Just be sure the tone of voice you’re using matches the typography, color palette, and photography you’ve select for your company’s brand.

Bring all of these elements together and create a stunning, cohesive brand identity is not easy. Doing your homework before you hire a branding specialist shows you’re invested in creating the perfect brand and is so helping for the designer.

What does your brand identity communicate to the consumer? Are you using bright, bold colors, or soft, delicate pastels? Are you working with fun, trendy fonts or serif fonts that speak authoritatively? Let the fun begin! Build a brand that’s true to you and your service or product.


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