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Say Hello to Phillis Stacy-Brooks

The Frazier Mountain Communities are populated with expertly creative people and talented professionals. One of those people, Phillis Stacy-Brooks, lives in Frazier Park, but does business with people in different parts of the country. She’s as busy as they come but as many women entrepreneurs, she found one more thing to add to her plate.

The Breeze interviewed Phillis recently and we’d like to introduce her to you….

Phillis Stacy-Brooks
BREEZE: Is social media really as important to business success as people say it is? If so, Why?

PHILLIS: Most definitely! The way you market your business is changing dramatically. Having an online marketing presence is becoming more and more important. Having a strong Social presence starts with your website and includes Social media. Selecting the right Social platform, creating a marketing calendar, and posting to attract and engage is critical for online success.

BREEZE: What is Our Social Bar?

PHILLIS: Our Social Bar (OSB) is a community of like-minded business owners who interact on a daily basis, and find support and strategies needed to build their online marketing. OSB is geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their Social reach. Together our members like, comment, and share their way to greater visibility.

Our Social Bar

BREEZE: Who is it open to?

PHILLIS: OSB is perfect for anyone needing to increase their Social presence. Our site is being developed, once it goes live the excitement begins with a Q & A forum, resources, videos, and live webinars and more! Social presence will increase organically with our members liking, commenting, and sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

BREEZE: OSB has a facebook group. What is the value of participating in the group?

PHILLIS: Our Social Bar Group is a simple introduction to OSB’s key services and packages. We post daily tips, answer Social questions, and like, comment, and share on member’s posts as requested.

It’s a great way to stay up to date on the ever-changing Social scene and get a feel for how OSB will work once our site is live.

Our Social Bar
BREEZE: How do members participate? How can they benefit?

PHILLIS: I’m hoping they jump in by introducing themselves, asking questions, and ask for help getting their posts increased visibility.

BREEZE: You’re also a branding expert? What is Main Street Graphics and what do you do?

PHILLIS: Thank you, yes, branding is a main focus at Main Street Graphics. Our ideal client is a startup who understands the value of branding and what it can do for their company, service, or product. We help create a brand that set companies apart from competitors. Done correctly, a brand can assist in getting a stronger foothold in a company’s niche market. A brand can add depth and meaning to a company’s visual presence and marketing voice.Main Street Graphics

BREEZE: Please tell us anything else you would like us to know.

PHILLIS: It seemed natural for Main Street Graphics to add social media marketing to their services about seven years ago. And recently, with Facebook’s and Instagram’s changes, launching Our Social Bar was the “next step” to helping our client’s with their Social marketing. Very quickly it was clear that this service should benefit more than just Main Street’s clients. It could help all small businesses.

If you have questions concerning Our Social Bar or would like more information on how branding could help your business, please contact:

Phillis Stacy-Brooks at Main Street Graphics

818-268-1228, www.mainstreetgraphics.com, www.oursocialbar.com, Facebook Group

The Mountain Breeze

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  • Britt K May 7, 2019 Reply

    I feel like more and more people are starting to see the power of social media in today’s society!
    Love these ‘introduction’ style posts – it’s great to get to know a little bit about the people behind the scenes.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I agree 100% with your stand on Social and it’s why I created Our Social Bar. I’d love it if you joined 🙂

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